October 1, 2009, a memorable date, Tian'anmen Square, Beijing, China is celebrating its 60 years' birthday. All Chinese brings the passion together into this important event.

    That morning, all staffs have been stayed up all night, 2 boom lifts of JCHI which will send famous astronaut Mr. Zhai         Zhigang to appointed float has been ready.

    Wang Xueqing, staff of JCHI's platform workshop, was in charge of commanding. "Crowded, vision be restricted, the        driver is difficult to drive in the busy Jianguo Road which connected to Tian'anmen Square. He could only depend on me to command and drive forwards." Wang said. When he was asked about mood of that day, he was shy and laughed,"As long as machines are well, mission has been accomplished well, I am contented. I have no time to think more." Although he has been away home for nearly 3 months, even hasn't seen his new born baby, he said:"When I saw astronaut Mr. Zhai walking   into the spaceship float smoothly, I feel happy and relaxed. The sweat and effort are worthy. I will remember this day               forever."

    Tu Jijun, staff of JCHI's manufacturing department, feeled fortunate in that he could take over another staff to send             Astronaut Mr. Zhai. The close contact with Zhai made him feel very honourable. He said:"Mr. Zhai is friendly and easy to       approach, he also signed on our excellent boom lift."

    Jin Peng, staff of JCHI's platform workshop, was in charge of driving the boom lift to pick Astronaut to spaceship float.       This special driving is remembered vividly. "I drives stably and slowly to send the Astronaut and his two assistants to spaceships. The space suit is very heavy. Although time pressed, I must drive slowly and smoothly with no fault." he said,"Talking   to regret, it's a pity not to take a picture with the Astronaut. But I am still pride to drive for the Astronaut, this will be a kind of   remarkable experience."

Interview of staff working for floats of 60 years' national ceremony

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