QY75E Truck Crane

Equipped with the longest boom among like products, reliable hydraulic security device and the imported variable pump, valve and lock, and the electric proportional control system as well as the energy-efficient truck crane chassis, QY75E truck crane lifting performance outperforms its competitors. PLC control technology is applied to electrical control system and makes it much simpler, more stable, reliable and durable. Its appearance embodies the brand culture of Beijing Jingcheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd and is the symbol of high quality.


 Max. rated capacity 75000 kg
 Max. traveling speed 75 km/h
Gradeability 40%
G.V.W. 45930 kg
     Front axel load 19930 kg
     Rear axle load 26000 kg
Min. turning radius 12 m
Main boom  
     Section Five - section U
     Length fully retracted 11.8 m
     Length fully exended 45 m
     Telescoping speed 135 Seconds
     Elevation speed  -2° to 81°:70 s
Jib  Two sections articulating jib, equipped with a one - way pulley at boom end
     Length 10 m and 18 m
Hoisting system Variable speed hoist with double grooved drum and anti-swing wire rope;
  Variable-displacement motor,proportionally control the speed of the hoist;
  Main hoist is equipped with built-in normally closed brake and balance valve.
    Line pull 61.25 kN (6,250 kg)
    Line speed 130 m/min at the fourth layer 
    Wire rope Diameter···20 mm
  Length···230 m
Outriggers Four H-type hydraulically controlled outriggers; Independent horizontal and vertical movementcontrolled form each side of carrier and the superstructure cab.
  Each outrigger is equipped with hydraulically controlled check valve. Electronic crane level indicators.
Outriggers footprints Horizontal·······7800mm
Chassis manufacturer JCHI
Chassis model Overall width cab 8×4
    Model ISLe37540 (or35)
    Type 6 cylinder in line, common rail
    Displacement 8.9 L( Tier IV / National III )
    Rated poer 276 kW / 2100 r / min
    Max. torque 1550 N·m / 1400 r / min
Gearbox 16 speeds forward, 2 reverse
Slewing system 1.7 r / min Free slewing
Hydraulic system  
     Hydraulic pump Tetragenous gear pump driven by engine through P.T.O
     Control valve Multiple control valves actusted by pilot pressure with integral pressure relief valve
     Hydraulic oil tank Capacity 823 L
    Oil filter Return oil filter
Safety devices Relief valve
  Hydraulic lock
  Working range and load indicator
  Overwinding auto control alarm
  Counter balabce valve
  Load indicator
  Height limiter
  Overwinding control alarm

Brief Introduction

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