With professional technology and humanity service concept,JCHI provides top quality machines to customers at home and abroad.
Service hotline: +86-10-61539210
In case of any malfunction of your equipment, please call +86-10-61539210 timely. If you feel dissatisfied to our services or you need consultation, please call +86-10-61539210 timely.
JCHI provides the following services
Pre-sale service, spare parts supplying, technical support and information feedback. JCHI has always been based on customer-centered tenet, providing quality products and services.
Pre-sale service
JCHI acts as the consultant and assistant of customers, providing them with enough acknowledgements about JCHI, its products and services.
Spare parts supplying
JCHI carries a one-year guarantee on electrical and hydraulic parts replacement and a five-year guarantee on structural parts replacement.
Technical support
All our customers are welcomed to contact us for technical support. JCHI provides training to all the customers in JCHI headquarter free of charge,which involves knowledge explanation, operational skills and maintenance for products and safety cautions, etc.
All the customers can login onto our website and send the feedback to us. We will treat your feedback seriously and reply timely.

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